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Purchase a limited edition print of “The Cannery” from an original oil painting  by Jane Hill.  Available in a limited edition print 25 1/2″ x 29 1/2″. Contact Jane Hill for more information

"The Cannery" of Newport Beach, California

"The Cannery" of Newport Beach, California


Western Canners Co., also known as “The Cannery”, is located in a picturesque setting on Lido Peninsula in Newport Harbor, Newport Beach, California.

In the sixties and early seventies, Albacore fishing was at its best.  Western Canners Co. was flourishing, canning Albacore, Blue Fin Tuna and Yellowtail for commercial and private vessels.  One could private label their catch, share it with their friends and store it in their pantry.  It was the best.

The Julia Marie and the Veracruz were often seen tied up at The Cannery waiting to unload their catch.

When the fishing slacked off, Western Canners Co. stood empty, deteriorating with age, until it was purchased, restored and converted to a fine seafood restaurant.  The interior still holds some of the equipment as décor from the canning days.  An artists delight and a must see for tourists and residents of the Newport Beach area.

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